There are a number of innovative companies out there who have adopted text message recruiting, and some of them hang their entire business portfolio on it.  There are services out there that will allow companies to send out automated SMS campaigns to a target audience, similar to the email blasts we’re all familiar with.  What about the individual candidate though?  How do you successfully use text messaging to recruit an individual candidate?

I’m certain there are ways to craft your introductory text to increase your percentages of a response, however for me I like to use texts outside of the formal stages of recruiting.  Those stages for me are the introduction, interview feedback and the offer stage.  I could make an argument that interview prep is also a formal stage, however I know that in today’s tech savvy world we can prep for interviews digitally.  In fact, newer cell phone operating systems allow you to click on an address you received via text and it pulls up in your maps app.  What a great way to quickly send an interview location!

Here is a simple diagram of my texting rules:

  • Can I text?
    • Intro/Screening: No
    • Status update while waiting on hiring manager decision: Yes!
    • Interview confirmation/prep: Yes!
    • “Best of luck” message the day of the interview: Yes!
    • Interview feedback: No (unless it’s a teaser text to have them call you so you can share good news!)
    • Offer details: No
    • Pre-Employment Status update (Background check/drug test/etc): Yes! *Do not send confidential info via text at this stage*
    • Start date confirmation: Yes!
    • First day “best of luck” message: Yes!
    • “Send me all of your friends” networking request: Yes!

As recruiters navigate the digital landscape, each will establish their own texting rules. It’s important to remember that what works in one person’s industry or recruiting process might not work for another. What are your texting rules? And candidates – when do you want to hear from a recruiter, and when don’t you? Weigh in with a comment!

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