You text your kids, your partner, your co-workers, maybe your hairdresser, and your friends.

Texting is an added communication to society’s ever-growing list, and has certainly joined the catalog in a professional environment. Cleared recruiters are constantly chasing secret squirrels, and if phone calls don’t gain traction (especially with the introverts) texting is your next best try.

Have you ever contemplated texting that hard to reach candidate?

Texting as a part of the recruiting process is a swift and simple way to communicate with the purple squirrel you are trying to wrangle. Studies have also shown that individuals are more likely to reply to a text chat than a phone call. It’s often a matter of time – it’s easier to quickly reply to a text than listen to a voicemail and return a call.

The Data

Text messaging is on the rise in recruiting because it’s a channel that candidates use daily and are comfortable with. The technology is also available to multiple generations within the national security workforce. While people are not always logged onto social media or email, their phone is almost always close by.

According to, 85% of candidates utilize an SMS-enabled device like a smartphone or tablet in their job search, while email  or phone sits at less than 10%  even being replied to.

When it comes to passive candidates and converting them into an aggressive job seeker in the cleared space, live texting, chatting or SMS has a leg up in the communication competition.

ClearanceJobs Message Feature

Text recruiting can be married to automated texting features within your go-to list recruiting resources.

To cultivate relationships with security-cleared candidates, effective communication and building trust is crucial. Your messages should be personalized, targeted, and relevant – but most of all, not a hard sell from the start. With your professional personality, it’s okay to show your fun side (with video, articles, surveys or emojis) to hook that secret squirrel.

Your ultimate mission as a cleared recruiters is to connect with national security candidates quickly and efficiently – enter an organized, powerful platform that includes all your candidate texting communications in one place: ClearanceJobs Message.

ClearanceJobs Message packages all your important recruiting communications and candidate engagement into one place with a bow. This feature brings together live candidate texting / chat or group messages to candidates into one sleek platform. ClearanceJobs Message is the home base control center, all rolled into one streamlined, powerful application.

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