Are you a spy master? Or an enemy agent? Take this quiz to find out if you know the secrets of the trade…or if you’re just trying to pass along disinformation.



Here’s a sample question: Operation Mincemeat was a British disinformation ploy conducted during World War II, in which a dead man passed “top secret” documents to the enemy. The purpose of the operation was to convince the German high command that the Allies planned to invade Greece and Sardinia in 1943 instead of Sicily, the real objective of Operation Husky. The plan, which just one part of the wider Operation Barclay, called for a corpse to deliberately wash up on a beach in Spain, which was pro-German at the time. An entire back story was even created for this British “agent,” who carried the documents about the operation. After being found by Spanish authorities this information was passed on to the Germans – which even Adolf Hitler believed to be true. As a result of Operation Barclay, which included the creation of a non-existent “Twelfth Army,” the pro-German Italian fleet diverted away from Sicily while the Germans moved 10 additional divisions to the Balkans.

Can you tell – is this spy fact? Or fiction? Answer this and nine other questions correctly, and you’ll lay claim to spy fame. Along the way you’ll learn more about some of the most famous (and infamous) spy missions and intelligence operations.

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