If you’re pursuing a cybersecurity career, you already know you have a wealth of opportunities in both the public and private sector. Maybe it’s time to consider a career with a telecommunications giant who is leading innovation in both sectors.

“Anyone interested in cybersecurity should come to CenturyLink, because we’re paving the way in cybersecurity,” said Jose Martinez, engineering manager at CenturyLink Federal. Martinez was attracted to his position because it gave him the opportunity to expand beyond his current skill set.

“CenturyLink has great opportunities to train, cross train, and be promoted within, said Liz Mykietyn, manager, industrial security at CenturyLink.

When it comes to what makes CenturyLink a great place to work, two factors came to the forefront – opportunities to innovate and explore new technology, and the ability to maintain a good work-life balance.

“On of the highlights of working at CenturyLink is the flexibility, said Mykietyn. Individuals who work at CenturyLink don’t have to wonder if they’ll be penalized for taking a sick day to stay home with their kids, or take the time to attend a soccer game, noted Martinez.

“The strengths that make our team successful are the collaboration, and the unifying principles of our company,” said Martinez.

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