If you’ve had a security clearance for years, you may take for granted how cumbersome or confusing the process seems to those who have never had the privilege and pain of filling out 100 pages of paperwork, submitting references for nearly a decade of residences, and then taking on the day-to-day of insider threat training and security procedure.

Founder and President of ClearanceJobs Evan Lesser was recently interviewed for Marketplace, an American Public Radio program broadcast on public radio states across the United States.

“I think most people think of security clearance jobs, they immediately think of James Bond, you know, cloak and dagger kind of stuff,” said Evan Lesser, president of ClearanceJobs.com, which lists about 25,000 openings. “But, in reality, the bulk of clearance jobs are pretty ordinary.”

Lesser said most jobs requiring a security clearance are in fields like information technology, finance, accounting and engineering.

The current backlog of more than 500,000 pending background investigations is only exacerbated by the change in administration, which brings new workers to Washington, DC in need of a security clearance. The latest White House staff member with need-to-know? Ivanka Trump.

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