They say money talks…but are you listening? Being armed with intel on what others in your industry make is critical information whether you’re negotiating a new salary, looking for a raise, or curious what a career change or cross-country move might mean for your salary.

Through the Cleared Salary Calculator, you can view base salary or total compensation, filtered by state, clearance level and 11 different industries. The salary calculator compiles the data offered by more than 22,000 cleared candidates in the most recent security clearance compensation survey.


Those working for military and government are familiar with Cost of Living Adjustments (COLA) based on region. While government contracting positions may not follow the same formula, geography is a key indicator in level of compensation. Let the Cleared Salary Calculator show what other workers in your state make as you drill down salary by state.

Considering a career move from IT to engineering? Or Construction to Logistics? Let the salary calculator give you an idea of what the compensation changes are between those industries.

Note: because the salary is an aggregate of professionals at all levels within a particular career field, your current salary or expected salary may not equate to what you see. Our goal is continue updating the salary calculator to make it an even more useful tool for candidates and recruiters researching average salary and compensation levels.

View the Salary Calculator

Wish we included something we didn’t? Have questions about how the salary calculator works? Drop us a note in the comments.

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