In June Security Executive Agent Directive (SEAD) 3 goes into effect – it outlines new reporting for security clearance holders, including foreign travel reporting requirements.

Silly didn’t read SEAD 3, and doesn’t realize she needs to report any planned foreign travel to her security officer – even if it’s a simple spring break trip. After she booked her trip she realized she should report it, but didn’t want to risk any negative feedback about her plans. So she decided not to say anything.

Sammy always reads updates from her security officer, and understands the new reporting requirements. Before she booked her trip, she discussed her plans with her security officer. She then documented that discussion via email. Before the trip, she scheduled a security brief with her FSO. It wasn’t required, but it made her feel prepared for any strange situations, including how to handle her work-issued phone and laptop during the trip.


Don’t be Silly – discuss any foreign travel with your security officer before you book a trip. There’s a 99 percent chance it won’t be an issue. But failing to report travel – and then getting caught – could cost you your security clearance. Be Safe. Be Sammy – discuss foreign travel with your security officer.

Security officers: Feel free to print, copy or re-use these materials in your security refresher training!

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