Another week, another notification that millions of Americans have had their identities stolen. If you’re a security clearance holder, you probably don’t have to wonder – you know your data was compromised in the OPM hack. Regardless of when – or how – your information was breached, there are steps anyone can take if you find fraudulent, or delinquent accounts you didn’t create – on your credit report.

First, contact one of the major credit bureaus to have a fraud alert placed on your account.

Second, take a copy of your credit report to your local police department and file an identity theft report.

Third, take a copy of the completed police report and send it via certified letter to one of the credit bureaus. Include a statement that you were a victim of identity theft, and list each of the accounts that was fraudulent.

Fourth, don’t become complacent. As a security clearance holder, you should keep vigilant track of your financial records. Financial issues are the number one cause of clearance denial and revocation. If you allow delinquent accounts to fester, and take no action, it shows a lack of follow through and trustworthiness. Don’t let yourself become a victim. Track your credit, and take the steps necessary if you find your information was compromised.

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