Job seekers have one main question on their mind: “How am I going to land my next job?” Folded into that question are, “Where’s the best place to look?” and “What’s the best way to apply?”

The good news is that there is no one right way to find a job. That may sound obvious, but accepting that fact can take a huge weight off your shoulders. But what about the application process?

“There’s never a bad way to apply for a job,” assures Michelle Carper, talent acquisition operations lead at Leidos. “Nearly everyone has a story about the different—or even odd—way they found their way into a job.”

There are numerous ways, for instance, in which candidates find themselves at Leidos.

How to get a job through networking and referrals

“The number one way people land jobs at Leidos is through referrals and other types of networking,” explains Carper. Many of these referrals are what you’d traditionally expect – an employee recommending a past colleague who then interviews and gets the role – but many people who are hired used a more unconventional networking approach.

Take Arin Karimian for example. He originally learned of his digital communications job through a job board app. But he didn’t apply there. Instead, he visited Leidos’ career page to apply for the job and then reached out to a friend who worked at Leidos. His friend knew the hiring manager professionally and recommended that he take a serious look at Karimian based on their past work together. Of course, Karimian still had to go through the rigorous interview process everyone else does, but that nudge from his friend was a foot in the door.

Another Leidos employee met a fellow fan at a sporting event, who happened to be a senior vice president at Leidos. The senior VP encouraged the new acquaintance, who was previously unfamiliar with Leidos, to apply for a job. The lesson? A little bit of networking goes a long way, whether at a career fair, online, or even at a sporting event.

Networking tips:

  • Maintain and keep in touch with your network, both personally and online.
  • Connect with recruiters from companies where you’d like to work.
  • Attend career fairs.
  • Follow and engage with companies’ social media accounts.
  • Be willing to talk with anyone, anywhere.

How to get a job through online job boards

The second largest channel for hired candidates at Leidos is through online job boards. They’re great sources not only for searching available jobs, but for researching a company’s culture, getting information on the interview process and learning about a company’s leadership.

Tips for applying via job boards:

  • Update your résumé, including both your past experience and your current role.
  • Create a profile, and be sure to update it. This especially applies if you are pursuing a degree or certification when you create your profile. You don’t want to be overlooked for a job based on old information about yourself.
  • If possible, follow up with a company recruiter.

How to get a job through a company career site

Many people hired at Leidos first applied to their job through the company career page, including Carper.

“Career pages have gotten a bad rap,” says Carper. “People worry that if they apply through a company’s own site, their application will never be reviewed. But I got my own job through applying on Leidos’ site. We vet every candidate who applies on our careers page.”

Tips for applying on a company’s careers page:

  • Ensure all your information is accurate and updated before submitting your application.
  • Create a profile whether there’s a relevant open position or not. Recruiters may reach out to you in the future when something does open up that fits your experience.
  • Sign up for job alerts if the company offers them (most do). This way you’ll hear about future opportunities relevant to your profile.

Of course, these three avenues aren’t the only ways to land a job at Leidos. Many people transition from the military or start as interns.

Are you a:

Military veteran? Leidos has an entire program dedicated to helping military members transition into its workforce. Check out Operation MVP and read these tips on transitioning.

Soon-to-be or recent college graduate? Check out our entry-level positions.

The job search may sometimes seem daunting, but rest assured, there are various ways to find your way into your next opportunity. Good luck making it happen—hopefully you’ll soon have your own success story to tell!


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