Your military job may or may not require a security clearance. Whether you’re interested in joining the military, considering a switch in your military job, or separating from service, it’s worth knowing if a security clearance may be required for your job. In this article, we sample some Army Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) jobs that require holding a security clearance.

The Department of Defense (DoD) is the overall authority responsible for managing military security clearances, however each branch decides which jobs require one and at what level. In the case of the Army, it determines which soldiers need security clearances based on mission requirements, the ability to pass a background investigation and having the need-to-know classified information at the designated clearance level. Intelligence, information technology, linguistics, communications and medical jobs typically require holding a security clearance. Most of the Army MOS’s that require a clearance are at the Secret level.

army jobs requiring Confidential security clearance

31B – Military Police

Military police either maintain law and order or work corrections in a military prison, depending on the type of military police job selected. Consequently, they usually do not have a need to access information above the Confidential level.

Army Jobs Requiring a Secret Security Clearance

15W – UAV Operator

Because of the technology used in unmanned aerial drones, an operator must have a Secret clearance. While flying overhead, a drone can collect critical information on enemy locations and then another drone can be sent in to eliminate the threat. Our enemies would love to get the technology behind how our drones work, hence the requirement for a Secret security clearance.

18 Series – Special Forces

The public never hears about the majority of missions performed by these soldiers. Because of their covert missions, it is critical to mission success to keep information about insurgents, counter-terrorism, and other high-value targets from falling into the wrong hands.

Army jobs requiring a top secret security clearance

35F – Army Intelligence Analyst

Due to the kind and level of information these soldiers analyze and process, it is a must to be able to hold a TS/SCI for this position. In the course of their work, they are trusted with code words, various forms of data encryption, along with information on enemy troop movements, possible terrorist plots, etc., information that is valuable to high-level commanders and our adversaries alike.

35M – Human Intelligence Collector

HUMINT soldiers integrate into their local surroundings all the while gathering information and data on enemy forces from the local populace. Keeping their identity and the information they collect secure is vital to the success of future missions.

These are just five of the many jobs in the Army requiring a security clearance at one level of another. Sometimes an Army job staffed by a lower enlisted soldier doesn’t require a security clearance at that level, but one is required when promoted to one of the higher graded enlisted levels in that same job category. In other jobs, the lower enlisted must have a security clearance right away to do their job securely.

The military security clearance process issues security clearances using the same criteria as contractors or government civilian positions – need-to-know. The level of classification directly relates to the risk posed to the government if that sensitive information is compromised.

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