Not too long ago, CD-ROMs and floppy disks were revolutionary. Since technology has advanced so much in such a short time, can you imagine where technology will be in a few years? What’s more, how will that new technology affect national security? Bryan Valentine, owner of CyberTrend Engineering, may know the answers.

Valentine has worked in the Intelligence Community (IC) for more than 34 years. With decades of success working alongside multiple government agencies and with industry, he founded CyberTrend Engineering in 2010. Serving the current and future needs of their clients, CyberTrend’s core capabilities are Software Engineering, Systems Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Technologies, Web Services, Service-Oriented Architecture, Java, and Java EE. CyberTrend is also investing in future technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

The Benefits of Going Small

As a small company that partners with larger companies like IBM and Amazon, CyberTrend is able to offer the best of both worlds. Employees have opportunities to work with the latest technologies from the private sector—but without being confined to one brand or product. With so much competition for today’s software engineers, this provides a unique opportunity to learn a wider range of technologies.

“What draws a lot of people to the intelligence community is they do use cutting-edge technologies,” said Valentine. “They try to embrace new technologies and look at the commercial industry to try to bring in ‘the best of the breed.’”

As a small business serving a variety of customers, including both the government and larger businesses, there is variety in both the work, and the technology. “You’re not always locked into one vendor. Working in the intelligence community allows you to utilize different technologies based on whichever project you’re on.”

Get the Individual Recognition You Need to Advance

Small companies also offer distinct advantages for individual recognition—namely benefits, personal recognition, and opportunities for transitioning military.

“Being smaller helps CyberTrend be more agile,” says Valentine, “so we’re able to offer great salaries and benefits with flexible schedules. CyberTrend currently has openings for professionals in all stages of their careers.”

It can also be easier to gain individual recognition and be rewarded for your contribution to the team. “Our goal is to ensure that our employees enjoy their work and that the mission gets accomplished” he notes.

Never Stop Learning

Valentine encourages job seekers to ask what kind of training packages are offered by their employers. Those already in the workforce should be taking advantage of every training opportunity they’re offered. This expands the scope of the work they’re able to do now, and keeps them up-to-date on the technologies that will be driving the future.

As Valentine explains, having a generous attitude towards training allows current employees to stay sharp—and their new credentials can make it easier to get assigned to projects that may be particularly interesting to them. CyberTrend has sent employees for training in cloud technologies, software engineering, and other areas of interest to keep their engineers satisfied in their work and prepared for the future.

Interested in working for a mission-focused small business that makes your professional development and ongoing education a priority? Search openings with CyberTrend.

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