As any recruiter in the intelligence and national security space can tell you, talented professionals with security clearances are in high demand. With record-long waits for clearance processing and high competition from Silicon Valley, government and industry need to plan ahead to fill the cyber talent gap.

One company taking a proactive stand against the cleared tech shortage is ManTech. By providing avenues for continuing education and getting entry-level talent in the door earlier, ManTech is creating new cleared talent pools and maintaining the ones it already has.

“Last year ManTech formally rolled out an intern program that we had been managing informally for several years,” says Yvonne, Senior Vice President of Growth and Capabilities.

“Through this new formal program, we reach out to a handful of colleges as soon as sophomore year and try to get people actively engaged…And then by the time they graduate, they have their clearances and their skills and they’re ready to go to work immediately.”

Young people are encouraged to apply to ManTech as an excellent place to start their career.

“It’s kind of a stigma that when you’re fresh out of college you just have to take whatever you can get and settle for a job you don’t really like,” said Kristin, who started with ManTech straight out of college. “This is my first real career job and I love it, and there are so many opportunities for growth.”

Preparing for the Future by Maintaining Your Workforce Today

Another way ManTech is ensuring it has the workforce it needs is by offering generous opportunities for career growth within its own company. Through its partnership with Purdue University Global, ManTech encourages its employees to pursue certificates and degrees in technical disciplines that will advance their careers.

“What made me think there was a future here at ManTech was the continuing education. That program alone made me feel like I have a future here at ManTech because beyond just the security field that I’ve been doing for so many years, it opens me up to other opportunities within the company,” said La Toya, CDM Senior Program Security Officer.

Apart from that, ManTech offers ways to advance within the company, so employees don’t feel like they have to move out in order to move up.

“ManTech also offers a mobility program – and I’ve actually seen this firsthand – where a lot of our employees are able to move to a different position in the company if they’re ready to find a new role or if their contract is ending,” explains Kristin. “It’s real people reaching out to employees trying to help you find the best fit for you.”


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