Not every security clearance job is located in the United States – and not every overseas job is in a warzone. Security clearance positions are available in New Zealand, Switzerland and Singapore, as well as Afghanistan, Qatar and Iraq.

Getting an overseas position is often as simple as applying.

1. Highlight certifications on your resume.

Industry certifications cross language barriers. Your skills in Microsoft or Netapp may be in even more demand overseas. Industry certifications and credentials, particularly for engineers, are valuable abroad. Highlight them prominently on your resume. If you have a particular country in mind for the next step in your career, research any certification or education requirements and make sure to fulfill them before you apply.

2. Be prepared for a slightly lengthier application process.

It typically takes several months to move through application and interview processes for an OCONUS job. Because of the significant cost of relocating someone for an overseas position, companies want to ensure the candidate is serious.

3. Create a content-heavy, skills-based resume.

You know to tailor your resume to the job, but you may need to recraft your resume with overseas work in mind, as well. A role in physical security in a war zone will  have physical suitability requirements that a desk job in Singapore doesn’t. Tailor your resume to the country, as well as to the position. That OCONUS help desk position will require a bit more agility and capacity to cope with complex situations – so make sure your resume reflects that.

Let your cleared career go places – literally!

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