Some things have become unnecessary in the high-tech age.

  • Balancing your checking account on a register
  • Recipe boxes
  • Phone books
  • MapQuest driving directions

But job postings are still very necessary. In fact, they’re the primary way employers communicate their hiring needs to their audience. Google is the starting place for 80% of job searches, and 30% of all searches conducted on Google are job-related – a fact Google surely recognized long before introducing Google for Jobs. And what is the link from a Google search back to a company’s hiring message? That’s right, it’s the job posting.

If you’re still not convinced, here are four reasons why job postings are still worth your time and effort:

1. Job postings help your company Gain Visibility

While the number of job seekers is down, employers must be visible for the times when passive candidates turn active and are looking for new opportunities. It’s all about timing: if an employer has no jobs posted, new job seekers won’t know of open opportunities when they go from passive to active. And, if your jobs aren’t posted, they’ll assume you’re not currently hiring; they’ll be viewing your competitor’s jobs instead.

2. Job postings Brand Your Company

Job postings allow companies to brand themselves to the coveted passive. Things like company culture, unique benefits and a fulfilling mission always matter, but during times of full employment, they carry even more weight, and help you woo candidates away from your competitors.

3. They Extend Your Reach

Job postings are just the beginning. Jobs posted on ClearanceJobs are distributed to Google, Bing, dozens of security-cleared related partner sites, aggregator sites, Facebook and Twitter, allowing your reach to extend far beyond ClearanceJobs, and getting more eyes on your open positions.

4. Job postings Ramp Up Your Bench Strength

If you do a lot of hiring, it’s likely that you have more than one type of job to fill. When companies post jobs, it’s typical to get applications from people who may not be a fit for the job you’re currently trying to fill. However, could they be a fit for a future job? Job postings help fill your Applicant Tracking Systems with potential candidates for future openings.

The defense recruiting marketplace has been turned upside down. Five years ago, there were plenty of security-cleared professionals to go around – between the sequester, DoD budget cuts and a government shutdown, contractors weren’t hiring. When they did post a job, they could sit back and wait for the candidates to come rolling in. Today – the shoe is on the other foot. It’s candidates who are in the driver’s seat. There are far more jobs than available candidates.

With jobs on the rise, and a shrinking defense talent pool, it’s tempting for employers to throw their hands up in the air and declare “job postings don’t work anymore,” but they do. They’re a critical component to a comprehensive recruitment strategy.

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Stephanie Ramm was hired in 2006 to manage ClearanceJobs marketing. Since then, she’s dabbled in everything from event planning to marketing automation to sales training. She's currently the General Manager of ClearanceJobs.