Job hopping – moving from position to position every year or two – is a growing trend. For security clearance holders, job hopping is often even more prevalent, thanks to a dwindling talent pool. With more companies competing for the same individuals, it’s easy to see greener grass – and to go ahead and make the move. Job hoppers are often able to negotiate a higher salary than those who stay in the same position year after year.

If you’re guilty of job hopping, you should worry about how recruiters will view your frequent moves. If your career changes seem to be more due to boredom than career progression, a company may not be willing to be your next flavor of the day. But it’s also well-known that job hopping is a common phenomenon in highly competitive industries, such as tech. Regardless of what field you’re in, or why you made the decision to make a career switch, it’s important to get your story straight.  It might be the new normal, but that doesn’t mean every recruiter will be willing to bring on a candidate who has moved five times in four years. There is a point where job hopping may appear to be more about fleeing difficult work problems rather than chasing a better opportunity.

Before you consider any job, think through how it will improve your overall career goals. If you can demonstrate how the new opportunity is a good move for your career objectives, you don’t need to worry about a job hopper moniker following you – you’ll be able to explain why you made the move.

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