The legal cannabis industry may be growing, but that doesn’t mean security clearance holders should rush out to consume a daily dose of CBD oil. Despite efforts to make the oil legal – it has been touted as beneficial for everything from PTSD to arthritis – a number of states and local legislatures still have laws banning the substance. That’s despite the recent signing of the Farm Bill, which sought to legalize no-or-low THC products.

What is CBD Oil? It’s a plant extract that has made its way into a variety of products, from rubs designed to help with inflammation to gummy bears and pet anxiety medications. The Farm Bill may have opened the door for the oil to be legal, but it also opened it up to regulation. The FDA quickly stepped in to say CBD products designed for consumption should fall under its regulatory umbrella.

Even with the federal government seeming to open its doors to CBD oil, at least three states still have full bans on the substance. And many military installations have put out announcements that the oil should be considered a no-go on military property, and not be consumed by military members.

With CBD oil still in contested legal territory, if you have a security clearance or work for the federal government, the safest step is to just say no – for now.

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