Anyone can be happy with their job on a Friday afternoon, but what about the rest of the week?  Many people spend more time with their coworkers than they do with their own family members. That’s a key reason why bad workplace culture is frequently listed as a reason people leave their employers – and great workplace culture is a reason to stay.

Sitting down with employees at ManTech, it’s easy to see how employees feel valued not just for the work they do, but for who they are as individuals – and their role on the team.

“The best part about working at ManTech is that it’s fun,” said LaToya, a CDM Senior Program Security Officer. “You know the family atmosphere of the company? I was amazed by that. Not a lot of companies have that. So when the opportunity was offered to me [to work at ManTech], it was a no-brainer.”

ManTech prides itself on the individual value it places on its employees and how that value translates into a better product for customers. It offers its employees the opportunity to step up to the challenges that their clients – and our nation – face every day.

“I think the most unique challenge that ManTech is facing is the pace and complexity of threats that our clients are facing. So it’s really a challenge to look over the horizon, see what the emerging threats are, and know where to put our resources to be able to prepare clients for threats that they might not even know that they have yet,” says Yvonne, Senior Vice President of Growth and Capabilities.

ManTech: An Award-Winning Employer for Veterans

And this encouraging, challenging atmosphere is equally true for veterans.

“Teamwork at ManTech is part of our DNA,” says Miguel, Executive Director of Cyber Solutions and a Marine Corps veteran. “If you’re prior service military or if you’re reserve or guard, in addition to coming to a company that has been voted number one working with our military within the DC Metro area, you get the chance to continue the camaraderie that you developed, established, and began in the armed services at ManTech. So many of our current employees are former military that I felt right at home when I came to ManTech.”

So how do you know if ManTech is the right place for you? As LaToya explains, “If you’re an employee that’s tired of being an employee, if you are tired of being just a number within your company, then ManTech is the place for you.”

No more dreading Mondays. As Kristin, Digital Media Specialist points out, “I think people should apply to ManTech just because the atmosphere is amazing. I genuinely enjoy my coworkers, I look forward to coming to work every day. ManTech is really a fun place to work.”


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