There is the old saying that time and tide wait for no one. But, today there is a third truth: technology doesn’t wait for anyone – and more importantly, it is continuously evolving. In order to provide a vital advantage to its customers, BAE Systems ensures that its employees stay on the cutting edge of tomorrow’s technological developments.

“BAE Systems has a unique perspective on the changing technology landscape,” said Peder Jungck, vice president and general manager of Intelligence Solutions, “we have our own internal tradecraft focused university, which provides access to continual learning so that you can adapt to the speed of technology.”

Technology Doesn’t Stop Evolving – Neither Can We

One of the biggest strengths of BAE Systems is its commitment to invest in its people.

“Last year, I was selected for a leadership program,” explained Kristen Ingle, director of Mission Intelligence. “One of the most valuable things I learned from the experience was to develop a network in different functional areas.”

The different business areas within BAE Systems were able to provide her with a way to help grow her position, which in turn allowed the company to prosper, as well.

“Prior to that leadership program I didn’t work with other sectors, now I do all the time,” she added. “It was eye-opening to get a greater understanding of BAE Systems as a whole, beyond the individual programs, business areas and sectors.”

Communication and Teamwork Create Success

This culture of continuous learning also highlights the role that communication plays in career growth.

“The more you communicate with people and then take on new opportunities, the more you are able to move up and get promotions,” said Conrad Tyson, an analyst at BAE Systems. “I was able to step into different areas, work on different projects and go out of the way to see what BAE Systems had to offer.”

This ability to learn and take on new responsibilities allows employees to adjust to the changing world of defense and national security.

“Every 12 to 18 months our mission is changing; our workforce is changing,” said Jungck. “Today you need an environment where not only can you go and get to work on those missions, but you can gain all those extra resources that you need to prepare yourself for the next step.”

At BAE Systems this is also accomplished through teamwork.

“It might sound cliché but it is like a family here,” added Tyson. “You have people you can talk to and they make it enjoyable to come to work every day.”


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