BAE Systems’ people, products and services are trusted by customers to provide vital capabilities that support national security missions. As a key partner and supplier to the federal government, it’s a role that the company’s leaders are proud to play.

Since its mission relies as much on working ethically and efficiently as it does on creating competitive and innovative solutions, BAE Systems employees have a unique responsibility. A career at BAE Systems ignites one’s passion to improve security, defend freedom and make the world a safer place. Whatever their talents, goals or ambitions, BAE Systems is a distinctive place for its employees to thrive.

Preparing Professionals for the Future

“When coming to BAE Systems you can get trained and prepared for the workforce needs of the future,” said Peder Jungck, vice president and general manager of Intelligence Solutions. “Beyond that we also have in our technology partnerships a unique access to training that you will get here without limitations.”

Peder joined BAE Systems leadership after 13 years of building companies in Silicon Valley. He explains that the company offers multiple career paths for employees. “You’ll find dozens of resources that talk about where you can go next. The career pathway isn’t the same for everybody.”

Because of these different opportunities many employees stay their entire career at BAE Systems.

Kristen Ingle, director of Mission Intelligence, can personally attest to that. “I’ve actually been with the company for 18 years and my job has changed quite a bit since then. I’ve gone from being in a technical role, to project manager and then running an organization, which was a big change. But, my company was always investing in me. They weren’t just putting me there and saying ‘good luck.'”

A Global Code of Conduct

BAE Systems sets clear standards for its employees – this includes the promotion of a strong, collaborative culture. But with these high standards, the company also provides its employees with the tools and skills they need to succeed. BAE Systems offers its employees the opportunity to be part of a company that is part of its community, driven to improve the future and protects the nation.

“One of the things that BAE Systems does really well is work with its people to get them to that next job,” added Kristen. “They don’t want to limit people and lose them to the competition. Instead they work to find them the next position and next challenge. There is a lot of openness in the company to give employees new opportunities and the abilities to take on those new challenges and just grow in their career.”

Kristen, who started just two months before the tragic events of 9/11, added that BAE Systems instills a sense of community at those times. “Everybody jumped into work 24/7 and the company was behind you and there was a true feeling of camaraderie.”

From Training to Leadership

With so many employees spending the bulk of their careers (if not all of it) at BAE Systems, the company understands the need for on-the-job training and leadership programs. This includes collaborating with leading experts and seasoned colleagues.

“The experience I had with the other interns was really helpful,” said systems analyst Conrad Tyson. “As a recent college graduate it was inviting as I was doing meaningful work, and I could see how it was beneficial to the company.”

The work at BAE Systems is about a shared ambition to lead the world in defense technologies and national security services. Employees are on the front lines to develop breakthrough technology and intelligence solutions, while providing its customers with a clear advantage.

“The best part of BAE Systems would definitely be the environment,” added Conrad. “It is really open and it is easy to talk to everyone, whether it is the president or the CIO, program managers or different employees. Everybody is really helpful and they want you to succeed.”


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