A dream career in military technology development

Ashley Porter grew up loving technology. As a child, the Booz Allen software engineer and Maryland native grew up watching her father—a software engineer—develop his career in the defense industry. Her tech-savvy brother followed in his father’s footsteps, and after pursuing a degree in information technology, Ashley wasn’t far behind as she joined them in the technical space. Now, based at Booz Allen’s San Diego office, Ashley is involved in a unique prototyping effort for the Air Force. She’s excited to see her work having a direct impact—not only on individuals, but in protecting our country on a larger scale.

Learn more about Ashley’s role and why she enjoys working in San Diego.

 What’s your mission at Booz Allen?

I’m working on a prototype for the Air Force to help them develop the next generation of missile-warning satellite data processing technology. Our goal is to make the technology safer, more effective, and more efficient. I’m given the opportunity to switch between back-end development and front-end development, depending on the needs of the program.

 What’s the best part about your job?

I wake up thinking about the piece of code I was working on the day before, and I want to go figure it out and finish it. I also like seeing my work presented to the client. I went to a demo last month, and it was fulfilling to see the application running in front of them.

 What’s it like to work in San Diego?

The team is diverse. Many of us are from the East Coast and relocated here. I work alongside enterprise architects, system engineers, and other software engineers; although our projects vary, our missions are similar. It’s great to have the chance to collaborate so closely with other experts. If I have a question about what something means, I can ask the person sitting next to me, and I’ll always get a new perspective based on their area of expertise. We also like getting together after hours to have fun. Friendly competitions, like March Madness or Game of Thrones brackets, are our favorite way to bond.

Why should other cleared software engineers join you at Booz Allen?

You’ll feel recognized for your hard work. Leaders see and appreciate your input to further client missions, and you’ll witness firsthand how your efforts have an impact on civilians and soldiers. Booz Allen is also a company that understands work-life balance. Managers know and respect that we’re real people with full plates and that we have lives outside of the office. That’s the best part of working here: You’ll have the chance to make a significant contribution and still have the choice to pursue other interests.


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