Anyone who’s spent time with children knows that little kids dream big. They want to be astronauts, doctors, Navy SEALs and scientists. Why? Because kids want to do something that helps others. They want to do something exciting that makes an impact on the world around them.

Still, at some point, reality gets the better of us and we work just to make a living—and that’s a good thing. We work to support our families and build a future for ourselves. But what if we could do those things and still change the world? Sandia National Laboratories offers that opportunity.

Sandia is a FFRDC (Federally Funded Research Development Center) with multiple locations across the nation. Sponsored by the Department of Energy and the National Nuclear Security Administration, Sandia’s priorities are everything from cybersecurity and counterterrorism and energy. Here’s why a job with Sandia might make the childhood dreams of mechanical engineers, interns, postdoctoral students, software engineers, librarians and many others come true.

Sandia lets you BE PART OF HISTORY

Sandia Labs originally began in the 1940’s as a part of the Manhattan Project, creating the non-nuclear components of nuclear weapons. But in the decades since, Sandia has diversified its fields of research and contributed to many essential developments in defense, energy and aeronautics. In the 1970’s they helped pioneer new drill bits that are now used in two-thirds of all oil and gas drilling. Sandia also developed the chemical monitoring system used to monitor and protect events like the Super Bowl from terror attacks. Work by Sandia employees has definitely shaped the course of history.


Sandia has multiple sites across the U.S. Awesomely, they are all in locations ranging from “temperate” to “paradise.” Its primary locations are in Albuquerque, NM and the San Francisco Bay Area. If neither the majesty of the Rio Grande nor the Golden Gate Bridge would satisfy your childhood ambitions, you could also work at Sandia’s Kauai Test Facility in Hawaii. Your inner child probably wouldn’t mind spending weekends surfing and hiking in the rainforest.


For decades, Sandia employees have been at the cutting edge of research and technology that equips forces for combat, launches satellites into space, maps the earth’s climate, and discovers safe, efficient ways to produce energy. These folks are not just “coasting” until Friday comes along. The work of continually confronting and anticipating challenges requires the kind of curiosity and problem-solving that would make your inner-kid proud.


Sandia’s primary mission is “ensuring the U.S. nuclear arsenal is safe, secure, and reliable.” It is responsible for nuclear weapon systems over their whole lifecycle—from design through dismantling and disposal. That means that every person on this earth is depending on the men and women at Sandia to maintain America’s nuclear arsenal. Deterring rogue actors and protecting the stability of the human race stands squarely on the shoulders of regular, everyday people.

When we were kids, we thought that the people protecting the world wore capes and had superpowers. As it turns out, they’re just regular folks who pay their taxes, work hard, and believe in providing “exceptional service in the national interest.” So maybe you’re more qualified to be a superhero than you think. If you want to find out, you can find all of Sandia’s open positions here.


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