Cleared tech professionals are in high demand. There are many certifications tech professionals can choose from. Will the Certified Information Systems Security Professional, or CISSP, help your career?


The CISSP is primarily aimed at experienced cybersecurity professionals such as CIOs, CISOs, Security Managers, Security Auditors, Network Architects, and Directors of Security, and other high-ranking positions. It is not an entry-level certification.

The CISSP is meant to demonstrate that you are a proven security practitioner and have years of experience to back it up. You should have five years of security work under your belt before you try for the CISSP.


There are a variety of training options available, from intensive boot camps to training courses. Many paid courses include a voucher to take the exam once training is over. Don’t plan to walk into the CISSP exam and take it without preparation. Even if you have the years of experience, you’ll need to go over the specific elements of the exam.


If you are a security professional and you have at least five years of experience in the field, the CISSP is a great next step in your career progression. If you’ve never obtained another security certification, the CISSP is not for you. Beginners are better off starting with the Security +, and then adding the CISSP after you’ve had more experience.

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