Last month, science, technology and strategy services firm Noblis announced its new partnership with the University of Texas at San Antonio (UTSA), National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC). The Reston, VA-based company will contribute its cyber expertise to support research and aid in the creation of advanced cyber solutions.

“Noblis is thrilled to partner with UTSA on several key fronts – all of which drive us towards a more secure and resilient future,” said Jordin Cohen, Ph.D., vice president of defense and homeland security at Noblis.

“First, we are developing a joint research agenda informed by our San Antonio-based clients and their needs that focuses on enhancing the cyber posture for our warfighters and using advanced tools and techniques including machine learning and big data,” Cohen told ClearanceJobs.

“Second, we will collaborate with UTSA on the industry side of the public-private partnership that we know brings together requirements from the government and innovations from the private sector and academia,” he added. “We can offer solutions and ideas that we harvest from the broad range of our government clients – across the defense, intel, law enforcement, civil agency and law enforcement communities – and share them with the diverse audience the National Security Collaboration Center (NSCC) hosts.”

As an example, Noblis is already exploring ways to cooperate with the national laboratory community on tools and techniques for exploring infrastructure resilience. “In some cases, they have tools and we have the data, in other cases, our roles are reversed,” explained Cohen.

Addressing Cybersecurity in 2020

Cybersecurity is an area of expertise for Noblis, including its ability to develop automated analytics that find threats and malicious behavior in large-scale client data sets and hidden networks; technologies that automatically detect and respond to attacks; applying machine learning to identify patterns, threats and fraud; and solutions that help government systems comply with cybersecurity policies and identify and mitigate risks.

The company already has an established presence in San Antonio supporting the 16th Air Force and other DoD and intel customers. With its new partnership with NSCC, it will continue to play a key role in addressing the latest cybersecurity concerns.

“Connected devices are ubiquitous and data at rest or in transit is constantly vulnerable to exposure, theft, and spoofing – and these cyber vulnerabilities continue to be exploited by bad actors,” said Cohen. “We recognize the importance of reliable and resilient networks, secure data, and tamper-proof devices – and how global commerce is constantly trading off between the speed of commerce and the need for security. Our Noblis research portfolio, as well as the portfolio managed by UTSA, recognizes the diverse nature of threats, vulnerabilities and solutions, so our interests are closely aligned with UTSA and our government partners.”

This new partnership will also provide even greater opportunities for those in the San Antonio region and beyond to advance their careers in cyber.

“Noblis’ membership in the NSCC, like that of our industry and government partners there, informs research and topics of interest across the federal government community,” Cohen told ClearanceJobs. “We will explore sponsored research (our own and at UTSA) and collaborations with clients that require rapid advances in cyber technologies, which will create job opportunities at our Reston, VA, headquarters, our offices in San Antonio, and at our other locations in Baltimore, Arlington, VA., Washington DC, and Warner Robins and Fort Gordon, GA. We’d love to hear from qualified potential candidates.”

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