Cybersecurity is a trending topic across the globe. Anyone in the IT career field has some responsibility as it pertains to cybersecurity in their respective roles. If you aren’t involved in cybersecurity in some form or fashion currently, expect to be as the amount of data breaches continue to pile up. Thankfully, there is a multitude of good information on cybersecurity trends, best practices and other related information out there today. Some of the information is in the form of a weekly podcast, a printed or online magazine, while others are websites and blogs dedicated to cybersecurity.  

Blogs have become a great Internet resource for getting the latest and greatest info on cybersecurity. There are blogs dedicated to penetration testing, cybersecurity best practices, latest news on security breaches, cybersecurity how-tos as well as training and certification. A little while ago, I wrote a post on what I believed to be the best cybersecurity podcasts of 2019. The response was overwhelming and received a lot of comments on Twitter and other social media accounts. Some of the feedback came in the form of an angry comment about me leaving out so and so’s podcast or this company’s podcast. I took this as a good thing – there are so many good resources out there, I simply can’t name them all. The same applies with cybersecurity blogs. I apologize in advance if I missed your favorite blog. Leave a comment and share with us which blogs I missed or you feel should be in the list.  

Here is a list of what I believe to be the best cybersecurity blogs out there today (in no specific order):

Top Cybersecurity Blogs of 2020


Brian Krebs created his blog back in 2001 after his home network was hacked by a foreign entity. This incident was enough to get Brian fully involved in the cybersecurity world. His daily blog is focused on various security news, the latest breaches and viruses out there. His site’s tagline, “In-depth security news and investigation” pretty much sums up the kind of stuff you’ll find on a daily basis on his blog.  Well done Brian!

Troy Hunt’s Security Blog

Troy Hunt runs a great security blog that seems to be updated on at least a weekly basis. Posts like the one from December 24th titled “When is Data Public,” is one reason his blog is on this list. Posts like this one help the end users of the world really understand how their online data is perceived. Tory currently works for Microsoft as a regional director and is a Microsoft MVP. He also writes courses for the Pluralsight learning platform. On top of all that experience, Troy is also involved in building the Have I Been Pwned service that gathers data on breaches and allows users to see if they’ve been a victim of malicious activity online.  

Architect Security

There are many blogs out there that are informational, and stop at being informational. Being informational isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, April C. Wright’s Architect Security blog takes it to another level. A self-professed “hacker for the greater good,” April uses her blog as a platform to give back to the community, educate people on how to best protect themselves and generally make the world a safer place. She has spoken at several BlackHat conferences around the globe as well as DEF CON on two different continents.  

Hacker Combat

The Hacker Combat blog is more of a community organized blog. Community organized blogs can be amazing resources as there are many talented individuals in the security community who get together to share tips and tricks, the latest developments in cybersecurity and thoughtful articles. Articles such as “Benefits and Best Practices of Adaptive Security” and “Google Play App Recent Android Exploits Zero-Day” are examples of the kind of content you can expect from the Hacker Combat blog. Also, a snippet from their About Us page further explains what they do, “We publish data on comprehensive analysis, updates on cutting-edge technologies and features with contributions from thought leaders. Hackercombat also has a section extensively for product reviews and forums.”   

The State of Security by Tripwire

Tripwire’s State of Security blog presents news and opinions on the state of the security industry.  This blog falls in the company category, with guest authors and industry experts lending their experience by writing posts on security.  Some of their posts include “Ransomware: The Average Ransom Payment Doubled in Just Three Months” and “The Vendor Security Assessment (VSA): What You Need to Know” show the technical acumen that their authors posses.  Tripwire’s tagline sums up what you can expect from their blog, “News. Trends. Insights”… all great things!

The Last Watchdog

What a cool name! Reminds me of the movie The Last Samurai with Tom Cruise! Byron Acohido created The Last Watchdog blog and he has quite the impressive credentials. Byron is a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, and author of the books “Zero Day Threat: The Shocking Truth of How Banks and Credit Bureaus Help Cyber Crooks Steal Your Money and Identity” as well as a podcast, many articles and videos. One of the best articles of late on Bryan’s blog is titled, “My Take: What everyone should know about the promise and pitfalls of the Internet of Things.”  

What are Your Favorites?

Is there a blog or blogs out there that are not on my list? Please share with the readers of this article so we can expand our cybersecurity blog list. If you did not get included on this list, and would like your blog to be considered for future posts, reach out to me in the comments and I would love to check out your blog. These blogs are great resources for cybersecurity and all of them aim to help the reader in some form of fashion. Thanks to everyone who takes their time to write articles and share them with the world.  

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