Podcasts have become very popular over the past five years. People with long commutes, long wait times at the DMV, or even while at work, can listen to their favorite podcasts to get the latest on their subject of choice. There seems to be a podcast for everyone out there, no matter what your interests are. I’ve listened to golf podcasts, tech podcasts, news podcasts and I even have my own podcast!  Lately, I’ve come across some podcasts that have with a compelling subject matter for the cleared industry: cybersecurity. Cybersecurity isn’t just for nerds with a penchant for coding and hacking, however, it is for everyone. With the rise of identity theft, data leaks, and financial breaches, cybersecurity is more important now than it ever has been. The problem with podcasts – there are a lot out there. So how do you separate the great ones from the ones you’ll want to turn off right away? To make it easy, I’ve made a list of what I believe are the best cybersecurity podcasts to listen to in 2019 and beyond. If by chance I’ve missed a good one, or you disagree with one on my list, please list your favorites in the comments below. Remember, this is *my* list, there are so many more not on my list that are also very good.

Cyberwire’s Hacking Humans Podcast

Hacking Humans is my favorite podcast of all on this list.  The podcast is created by an independent cybersecurity focused news service based out of Baltimore, MD named The CyberWire.  The podcast is focused on social engineering threats, phishing schemes and criminal exploits. The best part about this podcast is that it’s focused on the human and not the big organization. This is a podcast that we can all relate to, as there’s bound to be an attempt at scamming you or there already has been. Criminals are getting better at their craft every day, which means we have to get better at being vigilant with our personal data. Hacking Humans features social engineering experts, security pros and cognitive scientists (way cool!).  

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SANS Internet Storm Center Podcast

The SANS Institute is a highly trusted resource for cybersecurity training and research. The SANS Institute offers training that can be taken in a classroom setting with a SANS-Certified instructor as well as self paced training online.  SANS is the home to the Internet Storm Center which acts as an early warning system for the latest cybersecurity threats and updates. The Internet Storm Center podcast consists of StormCasts which are daily 5-10 minute information security threat updates. The latest episodes have focused on Sudo vulnerabilities, Apple Safebrowsing and streaming privacy. The podcast is good for the casual listener as well as the seasoned cybersecurity pro.  

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Brakeing Down Security Podcast

Yes, you read that right, it is not a typo. The Brakeing Down Security podcast is all about the world of security, privacy, compliance, and regulatory issues that arise in today’s workplace. This podcast is aimed at both the budding information security professional as well as the experienced professional. Co-hosted by Bryan Brake (ah, it makes sense now!), Brian Boettcher, and Amanda Berlin, the podcast focuses on topics such as Secure Python, Kubernetes security auditing, and Dissecting a Social Engineering Attack.  

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The CISO Minute

Cybercrime Magazine’s Podcast Studio puts out the CISO Minute weekly. Literally, it’s a one minute podcast that focuses on cybersecurity issues and how to approach them as a C level executive. CISO’s are the face of your organizations security posture. Theresa Payton ,former White House CIO, hosts the podcast and within 60 seconds she brings to light great topics, ideas and the latest in cybersecurity news. Why is it on this list?? It’s only one minute long! Sometimes information is best is smaller bytes (pun intended).  

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Find What Interests You

There are so many good podcasts out there, it is hard to list them all. This is just a very short list of the podcasts that provide outstanding and consistent content about cybersecurity. Find a podcast that interests you, plug in your headphones and enjoy. 

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