Podcasts are great for passing the time while driving to work, across the country, or even at home when television and staring at your computer becomes tiresome. If you pick carefully, you may even learn something that both interests you and you can pass on to others in your profession. While not quite to the level of self help or true crime, cybersecurity podcasts have grown intensely over the past few years.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Podcasts

Like any other genre of podcast, cybersecurity has its DNA of specific subject matter. Some can focus on cyber defense, some ethical hacking, some current events, and others on bringing in heavy-hitting guests. I get asked by my students which ones I recommend, and while the list changes from time to time, I normally have a few standard listens that I refer them to. NOTE: I am not paid by nor asked to endorse any of these programs, and my list might fail to include great podcasts I have never listened to. So without further ado here they are:


This is tough because there are so many good listens out there. My choice is The Privacy, Security and OSINT show presented by IntelTechniques and OSINT guru Michael Bazzell. The shows are short in duration (usually 30 minutes or less) and even come with notes if you missed every detail.

2. Social-Engineer Podcast

My favorite hands down is The Social-Engineer Podcast hosted by the iconic Chris Hadnagy, a regular speaker at both Black Hat and Defcon, and a multiple book author. I feared every week was going to be the same content when I started but he delves into so many human factors topics that he may never run out of material. Length of his podcast are usually around 45 minutes.

3. True Crime meets Nerds

The Darknet Diaries are a great mix of true events and technical explanations made interesting. They often have first person storytellers on as guests which gives you the feeling you were in the middle of their sorcery with them. Most podcasts are over an hour, so they may last at least one round trip to the office for your listening pleasure.

4. Current Events

This one is a must and is included on almost every industry professional’s list of essential podcasts. CyberWire Daily has the most current cyber news, with a wide array of guests coming from all sources of cybersecurity knowledge. It is ran by a news service, so there is no slanted promotion, only facts and deeper dives than you may get from reading about a current event online. Episodes are under 30 minutes.

5. Security Made Funny

Smashing Security has no equals when it comes to cybersecurity humor. The hosts Graham and Carole can use “Darwin Awards” and guest prodding in combination to make you laugh enough to veer off the road. They talk current events once a week. The podcasts are roughly 30 minutes long.

What Else is Needed?

I am still looking for a good cyber risk management and network defense podcast that is not an infomercial for a vendor. I need input as well on a cyber-forensics podcast that gives a 360 look at the subject from both intrusion and evidence standpoints. Please email or comment if you have any suggestions. Again, take my recommendations for what they are worth-someone who likes educational podcasts only if they entertain and capture the listener’s curiosity as well.

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Joe Jabara, JD, is the Director, of the Hub, For Cyber Education and Awareness, Wichita State University. He also serves as an adjunct faculty at two other universities teaching Intelligence and Cyber Law. Prior to his current job, he served 30 years in the Air Force, Air Force Reserve, and Kansas Air National Guard. His last ten years were spent in command/leadership positions, the bulk of which were at the 184th Intelligence Wing as Vice Commander.