The Defense Counterintelligence and Security Agency continues to publish new coronavirus-related guidance almost daily, with an update posted yesterday providing guidance to agencies, directorates and cleared contractors related to more than a dozen niche issues surrounded personnel and industrial security. The update includes a few items of particular note for cleared contractors and facility security officers (FSOs), in particular:

Facility Security Clearances continue to be granted. For cleared contractors needing to obtain a facility security clearance, the process will not halt. Inquiries to the DCSA Knowledge Center, however, have been suspended for the time being. Companies looking for a status are requested to leave a detailed voice message or email.

On-site facility reviews are suspended. Companies who were scheduled for a facility review with DCSA will be contacted virtually, rather than being visited by a representative.

End of day checks of secure areas and security containers do not need to be conducted if the facility is closed. If a facility is closed due to COVID-19, a company may suspend regular end of day checks. If the facility is still open and classified material is in an area that is unlocked at any point in the day, end of day checks still need to be completed.

NISPOM refresher training may be delayed based on employee availability and work status. Employees who are working from home, on extended leave, or for some reason unavailable may have their annual refresher training delayed. Training must resume within 60 days of return to normal operations.

Continue to visit for regular updates on COVID-19 and how DCSA is responding to personnel and industrial security concerns.

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