Learn how Booz Allen is using leading-edge tech to support the intelligence community

What if you could use the power of cloud to support our nation’s intelligence agencies? At Booz Allen, their team of cyber and digital experts do just that. Working within an agile DevOps model, they’re designing large-enterprise platforms, frameworks, and applications for their intel clients. They also facilitate migrations and oversee end-to-end product development.

At the center of it all is cloud. “Cloud touches all aspects of development work,” says Chief Architect Onik Quddus. “We’re not only cloud experts and architects, we’re also specialists in DevOps, big data platforms, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence within the cloud. We bring all of these areas of expertise into the cloud environment to develop innovative solutions and platforms that harness cloud’s benefits and scale on demand to support mission-critical needs.”

The work is challenging and sophisticated. In support of one client, their team deploys, configures, and maintains cloud infrastructure so other developers and data scientists can use it within their agency. More specifically, they’re building a cloud-based platform for hosting applications based on Kubernetes, the de facto technology for container orchestration platforms. Their work also supports migrating applications for deployment into the Kubernetes platform. “What we do is exciting because we’re using cutting-edge industry technology,” says Infrastructure Tech Lead Ryan Despres. “We’re leading the way for our clients to integrate native cloud apps, host apps, and engage with all of cloud’s benefits.”

To be leaders, the team constantly needs to learn. “Booz Allen encourages and facilitates continuous learning. That really matters for the type of work we do,” says Onik. And much of the learning is hands-on. “We get to use new technologies from across all areas of the industry,” adds Ryan. “Integrating them into specific client requirements presents unique challenges. We’re discovering how to apply these technologies in different ways than their developers intended.”

When the work is done, the team knows they’ve done something meaningful. “We’re actively supporting our clients as well as tactical end users, analysts, data scientists, and developers,” says Onik. But the support goes even further. “Our work helps others meet their own missions quicker,” adds Ryan. “We have an impact by helping others have an impact.”

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