Security breaches have become so commonplace we’re almost immune to the latest notification about how our data or information has found its way into nefarious hands. Security clearance holders and national security workers don’t have the luxury of becoming complacent, however. It’s important to keep track of where your information lives online, and who might be using it maliciously.

First, in an article last week, we discussed deepfakes and how video and photo editing technology is making it easier than ever for individuals to post video and photo content that is completely believable. While we’re not aware of any cases where an individual lost his or her security clearance due to deepfakes, it’s a technology to be aware of. Think before you post applies particularly to photo and video content.

Second, we had questions come in last week about identity theft and security clearance holders. Here are steps to take if you have your identity stolen. With financial issues being the number one cause of clearance denial, it’s important for security clearance holders to stay on top of their finances, including any instances of identity theft.

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