Information warfare will drive tomorrow’s battles. Military forces will fight on land and sea, in the sky and in space, but wars will be won by those who maintain superior situational awareness and act on it fastest—empowered by innovation in areas like big data analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual reality (VR), and edge computing.

The U.S. still faces many challenges to achieving the information superiority necessary for this new reality—some technical, others organizational. Overcoming these obstacles requires the military to rethink outdated methods and principles, and pursue a vision designed for the information war as well as the physical one it enables.

The National Defense Strategy calls for a more innovative, resilient military to maintain the U.S. competitive advantage. Using emerging technologies, open-source architecture, and agile practices, the nation’s armed forces and their partners can address ever-changing challenges more flexibly and cost-effectively than ever before.

Imagine an integrated digital battlespace where the military:

  • Drives information to the edge for faster decisions
  • Uses mobile networks to enable independent, yet coordinated operations
  • Delivers data to the warfighter giving superior knowledge of force locations
  • Safeguards military intelligence with advanced cybersecurity

What does the future battlefield look like? Booz Allen technologists are at the cutting-edge of providing warfighter-centric, connected technologies and weapons that deliver the right data at the right time. Technology such as wearable sensors, and innovations in human-machine learning.

In missions where seconds matter, the power of edge computing is transforming the modern mission. Instead of relying on connectivity or waiting for information from the operation center, it’s enabling rapid access to data beyond a centralized IT network. No cloud connection required; computing is enabled at the source.

Information is critical to empowering service members to fight to win on today’s digital battlefield. Join Booz Allen’s team of technologists in developing the next generation of technology solutions.

Ready to create emerging technologies for the digital battlespace?

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