California heads back to school; however, this season feels like it is sputtering open instead of the usual massive reentry to education. That’s because while COVID-19 continues, schools continually have to adjust in order to keep students and employees safe as well as battle heatwaves and power outages. Many Californians found themselves underwhelmed with the state of education in the spring. Like other areas around the country, working parents not only wanted a normal work schedule for the fall, but they also wanted their child to be well educated. It appears that the balance of schedule and education are at odds once again.

The Lowdown on California School Plans and State Response

School Plans While California intended to have more in-person education options this fall, the state has changed its messaging to, “schools should resume in August/September 2020 with a Distance Learning model.” Governor Gavin Newsom stated, “What we need to address is safely reopening the schools and we need to make that a foundational principle, that to me is non-negotiable.” Despite that being his stance, he recently had to draw a hard line in the sand for the state’s schools. All the work spent on creating multiple instructional options for families will not go to waste when re-opening progresses more in the state across the country.

Schools that are in a county that is being closely monitored for coronavirus spread are not allowed to offer in-person instruction. Currently, 42 counties are on the list, and 16 counties are not on the list. Counties that are open mandate masks for all those 2nd grade and older.

State Responses Under Governor Newsom’s shelter in place order,  indoor dining and entertainment venues remain closed. Should gyms or office buildings reside in a county that is on the state’s watch list, then those facilities are closed unless they can operate outdoors or the county’s status improves and the a State Health Officer authorizes reopening.


California’s relationship with the aerospace and defense industry has been one of failed attempts and triumphant risks. The forward thinking has helped to push boundaries. Silicon Valley‘s presence helps to drive corporate and federal organizations further.

While the area has experienced ebbs and flows with the aerospace industry over the years, the industry is back on its upturn with guided missiles and space vehicles. “For me, this is probably the most exciting time in my career as a space person,” said Jeffery Puschell, principal engineer fellow at Raytheon. “We’re truly reinventing space. There’s a large commercial segment that’s being developed here with Space X and Virgin Galactic, and Southern California is still the center for all of that. Certainly, there are things going on elsewhere in the country, but I think this is still the place to be for space developments.”

Find safe Solutions

If juggling work and education goals is overwhelming, it might be time to find safe childcare options that fit your family’s needs. It’s impossible to be 100% parent and work at the same time – and that’s okay. With so many cares pulling at you, it might be the time this fall to find educational support for your kids. Many colleges and universities are virtual as well in the fall, so you may even be able to find a reliable college student or two to help hold the pieces together.

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