Intelligence positions are associated with one of the many intelligence disciplines, and today we’ll be reviewing Human Intelligence or HUMINT, and Counterintelligence.

HUMINT is conducted by analysts in the field collecting, reviewing, and coordinating activities or intelligence involving human assets. Counterintelligence is gathering information to protect the U.S. against espionage or sabotage by foreign adversaries.

Basically, HUMINT is any information gathered from human sources, and can include photography or documents gathered from human targets.

While HUMINT is the straight gathering of intelligence, counterintelligence takes it a step further. Many people might visualize this intelligence discipline as the covert action embellished in Jason Bourne or James Bond films.

In a military construct, the human or counter-intelligence analyst provides information about enemy force strengths, weaknesses and potential battle areas. Other duties include screening sources and documents, debriefing and interrogation, and analyzing intelligence reports.

Each military branch has its own occupational specialty or code for intelligence collection.

  • Army MOS 35M
  • Marines MOS 0211
  • Air Force Specialty Code 1N7X1
  • Navy Enlisted Classification K13A

Most defense contracting jobs in the civilian sector are a fusion of a few of the intelligence disciplines including counterintelligence and HUMINT. The ClearanceJobs marketplace has over 2,000 job listed seeking CI/HUMINT experience, with a popular role being all-source analyst.

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