If you’re a visual learner who loves Siri but can find your way to the restaurant without her, a career as a geospatial intelligence analyst may be the ideal fit for you.

Satellites in the sky are constantly capturing a glimpse into what’s happening across the globe. The images depict movement, structures, and changes to regions over time. The analysts who dissect this information could be finding the missing puzzle pieces to keep our nation safe.

A geospatial (or GEOINT) intelligence analyst is someone who analyzes maps, placements of structures, and what events happen where – answering questions like ‘where are the natural and man-made structures,’ ‘what did these areas look like a decade ago,’ or ‘where are our enemies and where might they move?’

GEOINT positions or programs work with other intelligence disciplines to create a wholistic picture, sometimes relying on all-source intelligence, human sources, signals, or electronics and optics to further interpret geospatial data.

GEOINT consists of imagery intelligence and geospatial data that can potentially identify a natural or constructed feature by its geographic location. This discipline can sometimes rely on Measurement and Signature Intelligence, or MASINT, which is scientific and technical intelligence information obtained by data analysis.

Geospatial analysts may perform complex imagery analysis using electro optics and radar, or they may look at google earth images.

Beyond the cleared industry, a GEOINT analyst can apply the same skills for law enforcement agencies, emergency response, investigative and forensic analysis or security companies.

Some of the tools you might use as a GEOINT analyst include scripting languages like Python, Java Script, HTML, or SAS, software applications, topography tools, or military-specific software and programs. Experience in a foreign language can be a plus.

If you geek out over maps, never get lost, and have an eye for detail, a career in GEOINT may be right destination for you.

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