Your security clearance (active or inactive) sets you apart as someone who is trusted to safeguard classified national security information based on your loyalty, character, trustworthiness, and reliability.  The Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC) is looking for science, engineering, business, and information technology experts who can maintain a security clearance and are interested in being part of America’s nuclear enterprise.

AFNWC has close to 1700 personnel at various locations worldwide, and will be hiring about 200 civilian (non-military) employees each year for the next four or more years.  Some of the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center programs that will be hiring are Long Range Stand Off weapons, Air Force Nuclear Command, Control and Communications Center and programs associated with modernizing its nuclear programs and many more.  These are permanent, full-time, civilian positions with generous benefits.


America’s nuclear weapon systems have prevented world wars for decades.  Our Nuclear Triad ensures that no adversary believes it could – for any reason, under any circumstances – launch a strategic attack that would prevent us from inflicting unacceptable damage to whatever that adversary holds most dear.

  • Strategic bombers are visible.
  • InterContinental Ballistics Missiles (ICBMs) are responsive.
  • Nuclear submarines are survivable.


To make sure the Nuclear Triad remains capable, flexible, resilient, and ready, America is embarking on the largest, most complex nuclear modernization effort in its history – upgrading all three legs of the triad simultaneously.

The largest of these modernization efforts is the Ground Based Strategic Deterrent (GBSD) program, which:

  • Replaces the aging Minuteman III missile with a next-generation ICBM;
  • Enhances weapon system command and control; and
  • Modernizes ICBM ground infrastructure.

The AFNWC headquarters at Kirtland Air Force Base in Albuquerque, New Mexico, will be adding dozens of positions in support of Nuclear Triad modernization. New job opportunities will be at Hill Air Force Base, Utah, which is responsible for integrated program management of ICBM programs from inception to retirement.  Many other opportunities will be located at our execution directorates located throughout  the country.


With an ICBM life cycle of 60+ years, this is truly a “once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity. The AFNWC is not just on the front line of developing the next generation of nuclear deterrence – it is leading the way.  Its military and civilian workforce leads the work of contractors deciding what needs to be done, making sure it happens, and solving the most complex, high-risk, low-profit-margin aspects of nuclear triad modernization.


High-Demand Occupations:

  • Engineering: Electrical, Electronics, Computer, Mechanical, Aerospace, Civil, Materials, Nuclear, Chemical, Industrial and Systems.
  • Science and Technology: Computer Science, Operations Research Analysis (Computational Statistics & Data Science), Physics, Information Technology, Cybersecurity
  • Business Professionals: Contracting, Acquisition Program Management, Financial Management, Accounting, Military Construction Program Management, Supply Chain Management, Life-Cycle Logistics Management, Security Program Management, and other professionals.

All vacancy announcements are posted on the Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center website at:



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