OPM put out an all call for data scientists. In less than 48 hours, OPM reached the 500 application limit, making it clear that the desire to work in the data science field is deep. OPM, the Federal Chief Data Officers Council, and U.S. Digital Service collaborated for the joint hiring effort with the goal of onboarding candidates at an accelerated rate than the typical federal hiring process. The difference in this hiring process that’s backed by 10 agencies with a need for program analysts at the GS-13 and 14 levels is that applicants will be assessed by a subject matter expert (SME) and HR team to deem eligibility. The hiring initiative is also part of a larger scale reskilling effort within the Census Bureau that began in 2019.

Layoffs Impacting the Defense Industry

Dropbox With some C-Suite adjustments, falling shares, and remote work adjustments, Dropbox plans to drop 11% of its global workforce. The organization estimates the number to be around 315 people for the file hosting service provider.

“Our Virtual First policy means we require fewer resources to support our in-office environment, so we’re scaling back that investment and redeploying those resources to drive our ambitious product roadmap,” Chief Executive Officer Drew Houston said in a letter to employees on Wednesday.


A recent Florida federal decision about WARN notices distributed for COVID-19 reasons may still have needed the required 60 day notice – depending on legal interpretation of the pandemic. In Benson v. Enterprise Leasing Company of Florida, Case No. 6:20-cv-891, the judge was not so quick to apply the “unforeseeable business circumstances” to dismiss the case. Rather, he provided more nuance on the layoffs – what was allowable, given the overall economic status of the country. While the ruling doesn’t dictate other court decisions, it does impact employer obligations in mass layoffs.

Hiring impacting the Defense Industry

Palantir In the age of intelligence, versatile organizations with deep data science skills like Palantir are needed. With locations around the U.S., as well as the world, Palantir has a lot to offer the defense industry. Palantir supports national security with the latest critical information, increasing our data-driven decision making. Palantir is looking for a variety of positions, such as engineering, data science, and information security positions. Many of the open positions are based in Washington D.C. with willingness/eligibility to obtain a Top Secret clearance.

Opportunity to Watch

It’s not easy to maintain profit levels, but it’s especially important for the organizations within the national security world to have the necessary capital from trusted sources. After just standing up the Trusted Capital Marketplace in December, the DoD already has capability and capital providers already signed up to participate.

“Trusted capital works by providing opportunities for trusted financial institutions and qualifying companies to explore mutually beneficial partnerships in support of national security goals,” Ellen M. Lord said during a briefing at the Pentagon.

The goal of the endeavor is to keep adversary nations from investing in U.S. defense and technology companies, which would undermine our national security. The marketplace provides an online forum for large and small companies to be connected with investors. Participation is dependent on vetting.

“Each will undergo a rigorous due diligence process before they are accepted into the marketplace to ensure foreign ownership control and influence is nonexistent,” Lord said. “Specifically, trusted finance partners will be able to apply via the trusted capital landing page and technology innovation providers will be required to receive a recommendation once going through our security screening processes.”


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