While some are thinking of how to get over 2020, Amazon is thinking ahead to 2025. The organization wants to retrain 29 million people worldwide with cloud computing skills by 2025. Last year, Amazon committed $700 million to focus on reskilling its own staff. Taking lessons learned from their internal program, Amazon looks outward. The initiative might land some participants with a job at Amazon, but after necessary cloud computing education, they could find work elsewhere at an organization that uses Amazon Web Services.

Who Can Benefit

Whether you’re looking for an entry level position or wanting to adjust, deepen, or expand your engineering skills, Amazon’s training could be your ticket. It’s one thing to talk about the cybersecurity talent gap, and it’s another thing to go out and meet the need. Amazon benefits with either skilled new hires or by building out the candidate pool for its Web Services clients. Finding the right people with the necessary skillset is a challenge that Amazon is working to meet, making digital transformation a reality.

Good Hires Currently Missing Necessary Skills

Teresa Carlson, a vice president at Amazon Web Services, explains how common it is to have to retrain new hires because they are lacking technical capabilities. The more skilled cloud candidates available, the better the cloud market for Amazon.

“When you spend as much time as we do hiring people and getting the right people on board, it’s kind of frustrating when you bring them on and you’re having to spend another year or more getting their skills up to speed,” she said. “We see it ourselves, so we put these programs into place. We hear it from our customers and our partners, and it’s the right thing to do.”

Cloud Computing in Growth Mode

While cloud computing was on an upward trend pre-pandemic, COVID-19 and remote work has definitely put the gas pedal to the floor for many companies trying to add on more digital tools. Microsoft and Google are part of the growth in the cloud computing sector as well. In a more remote world, the services are key in maintaining normalcy as much as possible.

With remote classes, participants can work through Amazon for the training and placement, or partner with other organizations in different locations worldwide. Participants have a variety of content options, providing career changes without the addition of debt. Everything from technician level to machine learning is on the table. The key to differentiating yourself from others often comes down to important digital skills, which can be a salary game changer. Really, participants just need to look to the cloud for their future.

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