The Explosive Ordnance Disposal Badge is a military badge of the US Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps that recognizes service members qualified to do explosive ordnance disposal (EOD). They are the military members who are experts in dealing with the construction, deployment, disarmament, or disposal of high explosive munitions. These weapons can include nuclear, biological and chemical weapons, and very commonly for service members, Improvised Explosive Devices.

Making the Military Transition as an EOD Tech

If you’re an EOD tech preparing to transition out of service, you may be asking your active duty self – how the world am I going to make a civilian career out of disarming bombs?

Well, cleared careers in this field are exploding, and we’ll continue to see the skillset needed as our adversaries are building weapons. For example, CBRNE career opportunities are a good fit for technicians with an EOD background. They include positions with law enforcement agencies such as the Border Patrol or U.S. Secret Service, research positions with national laboratories, and a variety of defense contracting positions supporting government facilities like the Defense Threat Reduction Agency.

Different EOD Options as you Transition

Maybe you’re finished with the hands on work, and ready to take a much-needed break from playing a real life version of the Escape the BOOM! game. There are many other opportunities in the training, instructing, or curriculum design realms as well, to prepare the next generation of bomb or IED disarmers. A day in this life includes fabricating IED training aids for use by instructors and students, constructing problem exercises, and curriculum design or intelligence research.

Lastly, you can apply all this experience to help technical writing teams ensure they are accurately writing to proposal requirements as they try to win more contracts within the EOD realm.

Ready to make your cleared career go BOOM? Your EOD military background can do just that in the civilian sector.


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