The editorial team sat down to talk about the top 10 mid-size defense contractors to work for in the DC- MD-VA (DMV) area, based on the Washington Post’s recent survey of the D.C. region. This is their eighth year in a row for the Top Workplaces survey, conducted in partnership with Energage, LLC. Over 65,500 employees in the area responded, representing 413 companies. While there are many organizations in the D.C. area, contractors provide a broad range of work and support to the federal government – especially for the DoD and the IC.

Top Mid-Sized Contractors in the D.C. Region

Last time, we talked about small businesses in the area, and next time, we’ll move our focus to the large organizations in the DMV. For this chat, we zero in on the top 10 mid-sized contractors. Many of the organizations began as a small business, and their expertise and perseverance has moved them up the business ladder.

1. Definitive Logic

Definitive Logic calls themselves a new breed of modern consulting firms, meaning that they embed their smartest and most strategic people at the implementation level. They work with federal agencies to apply agile, data science, apps, DevOps, cyber, and cloud solutions. They are certified on the latest cloud, analytics, and data management technologies.

Their communications about their work definitely gives off a passionate and committed vibe to innovation and pushing the boundaries on technology. They have 20 years of service under their belts, over 250 employees, and 80% of their staff is cleared. With over 10 retired Air Force members, their years of experience is deep. Definitive Logic is headquartered in Arlington; however, they have many remote options or contract openings in the D.C. region or in other states.

2. FTS International

Located out in Dulles, VA, FTS international got its start in 2005. They provide subject matter experts focused on independent analysis and mission support services to the federal government and IC. FTS has grown an elite work force and continues to attract recognized experts across multiple disciplines with their consultants. Open positions are in Virginia and Colorado.

3. Tekla Research

Tekla was founded in 1995 – with two employees, and they now have over 200 employees. They are a Service-Disabled, Veteran-Owned business. They support the DoD, the DHS and other federal agencies, providing program management support, logistics, cyber security, as well as other services. Tekla is headquartered in Fredericksburg, VA – so a little farther south of the DC life, and they have locations in Norfolk, VA and Pax River, MD – as well as contracts in California, Florida, and other areas in the country, so candidates have different options.

4. Acclaim Technical Services

Acclaim Technical Services (ATS) provides mission-critical services for national security agencies and various programs of the U.S. government. Founded in 2000, ATS is a leading language and intelligence services company. Their recent acquisition of Global Consulting Services, Inc. (GCS) further grows their capabilities. Headquarters are in Reston, VA, but open, cleared positions are in the DMV, as well as other states.

5. Procentrix

Procentrix is located in Herndon, VA, and they provide cloud services, portals and application tools, data analytics, and other services to the DoD, DHS, and other agencies and organizations. Some positions with Procentrix require an active clearance, but not all do. This is the type of company that candidates looking to get cleared work should check out. When there’s a number of contracts available to support that don’t require a clearance, it can be a great way to get the process started while maintaining billable work until you can hop on to a contract that can get you on the path to submitting your SF-86.

The Mid-Size Contractor Life

For the rest of the list, listen to the episode, and find other defense contractors on the list. A key theme for the contractors on the list is that many of them partner with ClearanceJobs and offer jobs for security clearance holders. Additionally, some organizations, like FTS International offer internships for the next generation of national security hopefuls. It can seem daunting to navigate a national security career, but the different types of contractors offer opportunities for every career level. The mid-sized contractor is a great option for clearance holders who want to feel a sense of ownership, as well as, stability.



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Jillian Hamilton has worked in a variety of Program Management roles for multiple Federal Government contractors. She has helped manage projects in training and IT. She received her Bachelors degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing from Penn State University and her MBA from the University of Phoenix.