As leaders in the Intelligence Community (IC) met this past week, the need to increase artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities continued to bubble up in conversations. Ethical use of AI is emerging as a force multiplier in national security decision making. IC leaders have said that the U.S. needs to be AI-ready by 2025. A key piece of the AI-equation is innovation. Science and technology are critical to staying ahead in the game – especially at the rate that China is moving forward with developing their capabilities. Two companies looking to support those goals are KBR and Adarga. The organizations have announced a strategic partnership in order to meet national security goals.

Partnership of KBR and Adarga

Adarga is one of the UK’s leading developers of AI analytics software for defense and national security, and KBR delivers science, technology, and engineering solutions to governments and companies around the world. KBR’s Government Solutions business will integrate Adarga’s AI software platform into the delivery of a number of its large-scale programs across the defense and national security sectors, in order to keep effective, data-driven decision-making at the heart of operations.

The partnership will further extend KBR’s capability offering across key market sectors and accelerate the speed and scale at which organizations can adopt next generation AI analytics to resolve their most complex data challenges. It will also allow clients to unlock vital insight, foresight and understanding of information buried across their ever-growing data sets.

KNowledge is Power

How we think about intelligence will be changed by AI. So, this insight allows customers to improve retention of critical institutional knowledge, identify hidden connections to drive intelligence-led investigation, support strategic planning, and quantify future threats and opportunities. The addition of AI enhances and extends human capability by increasing agility, accuracy and productivity.

“This partnership is an exciting step to enhance our innovative and highly dependable solutions focused approach across key markets, with a shared ethos to help our customers resolve their most complex challenges,” said Andrew Barrie, KBR President, Government Solutions EMEA.

Adarga’s UK-developed Knowledge Platform™ is built for rapid integration with partner programs and is already providing vital insights for the UK Ministry of Defence by driving faster, better and more informed decisions.

Adarga CEO, Robert Bassett Cross, said, “Adarga is pleased to be partnering with KBR to expand the AI capabilities of customers across defense and national security. Together we will be able to provide customers with a transformational ability to leverage data as a strategic asset – a vital element of modern defense capability.”

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