When you see your opening, take it.

You never know what’ll turn up on the Air Force Civilian Service (AFCS) Find-A-Job page. One day it could be the usual staples: engineers, mathematicians, skilled workers, flight simulator instructors, and the like. Next thing you know, there could be a mission-critical role for a very specialized professional.

Just a few months ago, AFCS found itself employing a pair of retired U2 pilots to help familiarize Airmen with the demands of flying at the very edge of space. And what better way to do that than to fly them to the very edge of space? Other times, AFCS is recruiting Civilians with top-secret clearance to fill ultra-sensitive positions—so sensitive they can’t even be discussed here.

From cybersecurity professionals, nuclear scientists, logisticians, and chemists to licensed physicians, groundskeepers, daycare professionals, environmental engineers, forklift operators, social workers, even historians—if the Air Force has an opening to be filled by a Civilian, you’ll find it listed on the AFCS Find-A-Job page.

And while the types and variety of jobs available are interesting in their own right, when you subscribe at the AFCS Find-A-Job page, you can broaden or narrow your search criteria with as much specificity, or lack of it, as you desire. Plus, once you’re subscribed, you can choose to have jobs that match your search criteria sent directly to your inbox.

The page gives you two search maps: HOT JOBS, jobs deemed so essential to the federal government, employers are given Direct Hiring Authority to fill them quickly, and USAJobs, government jobs that follow a more traditional pace.

In testing the interactive jobs map, many people were surprised to learn just how many Civilians the Air Force employs—170,000. They were even more surprised to learn just how easy finding one of those coveted positions can be.


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