At Booz Allen Patuxent River (Pax River), MD, employees aren’t working to live; they’re working to help others. The Booz Allen team of engineers, software developers, cybersecurity experts, and mission specialists has a crucial impact on cutting-edge tech projects. From redesigning tactical communication systems to creating advanced camera software, the safety of the United States depends on what is accomplished every day.

Using Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning to Support the Warfighter

“The work that we do truly helps the warfighter community,” says Senior Recruiter Scott Mewhinney. “We’re leveraging and building new technology that has a frontline impact for the Navy and Marine Corps. This is next-gen stuff.”

Booz Allen is also collaborating with clients to use artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning to create advanced camera software that actually “learns” from data. They use this new software to test unmanned vehicles and practice catapult landings and launching. Booz Allen also develops technology that provides life-or-death information to U.S. troops in real time.

Fundamentally, Booz Allen is focused on integrating new technology into Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) platforms to increase the advantage our forces have in a contested environment, says Mike Morgan, who leads their NAVAIR business. “This requires us to blend our mission specialists, who understand how our forces operate, with our engineering and technology professionals to adapt new technology to keep us ahead of our adversaries.”

It’s incredible work that is backed by a passionate team. “If you want to do something amazing, like share an idea and build it, you’ll love Pax River,” says Lead Technologist Wayne Wainwright. “We have so many resources and people that will help see your plan through, especially if it’ll keep our soldiers safe. We’re here to have a positive impact on their lives.”

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