Have you ever played a good game of Would You Rather? It’s something me and my siblings would play through a long car ride or the boredom we may have experienced from time to time in the 90s. It’s a conversation ice breaker or party game that creates a dilemma in the form of a question.

In our family, these dilemmas are usually something the person who was answering did not want to experience: for example, would you rather eat an entire pie that someone spit on or eat powdered sugar mixed with dandruff shavings? The correct answer is neither, but you get the point.

Would You Rather Game: Recruiting Edition

Cleared recruiters are constantly facing questions from a Would You Rather game of recruiting hell. Here are my favorite recruiting and staffing dilemmas and my answers.

  1. Would you rather have a candidate ghost you or stalk you? GHOST.
  2. Would you rather have wasted three hours in an in-person interview with a candidate or submit a candidate to the government customer to be denied? SUBMIT AND DENIED QUICKLY.
  3. Would you rather a candidate laughs hysterically at you about the salary or cry to you for an hour about their family story? LAUGH AT ME.
  4. Would you rather have phone interviews all day with no lunch break or have a lunch break but candidates calling you until 10PM at night? TAKE THE LUNCH BREAK (but seriously, both scenarios usually happen for recruiters)
  5. Would you rather have a great recruiter reputation with candidates, your recruiting team, or the government customer? CANDIDATES.
  6. Would you rather have an outdated Applicant Tracking System (ATS) or not be able to print out resumes? NOT BE ABLE TO PRINT RESUMES.
  7. Would you rather have the ability to only work on fully funded, open billets, or work solely on proposal efforts (potential positions)? FULLY-FUNDED.
  8. Would you rather a candidate have a terrible personality but the government likes them, or a candidate with great rapport that has a history of job hopping? HISTORY OF JOB-HOPPING.
  9. Would you rather be a recruiter or a headhunter? RECRUITER.
  10. Would you rather have one recruiting best friend on your team, or a team that works well that you don’t dish with? BOTH.

I’m eager to hear if you played this within your recruiting team. Did your talent acquisition counterparts answer the same as me?



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