Nick Hamblet, vice president of engineering at General Atomics – Commonwealth Computer Research, Inc (GA-CCRi) joined ClearanceJobs to discuss his career journey and the work that GA-CCRi does in national security. 

GA-CCRi Empowers Decision Makers in National Security

CCRi is a data analytics and software engineering company that was founded in 1989 in Charlottesville, VA. Hamblet has been with CCRi – now GA-CCRi since spring 2021 – for over 11 years, beginning with roles in software architecture and development and data science. He now serves as the vice president of engineering, making sure GA-CCRi projects continue to align around common code and coding process. Additionally, he invests in employees to continue to support their learning and growth potential at GA-CCRi.

GA-CCRi got it’s beginnings with small business research grants, building a company focused on geospatial intelligence. The organization provides custom software development and innovative information engineering solutions in national security by designing and implementing scalable big data solutions. The end goal is to rapidly create activity-based intelligence and information dominance for multi-domain operations. The key is to empower decision makers with a picture that enables them to make predictions and solve problems. The acquisition by General Atomics provides additional data and capabilities in order to better serve national security efforts.

Work, Tools, and Technologies at GA-CCRi

GA-CCRi offers situational awareness for their customers. In order to  understand what is happening, where it is happening, and what might happen next, GA-CCRi transforms multiple sources of data including signals, text, imagery, and motion video, to rapidly analyze and visualize billions of data points in order to identify and locate entities, characterize their activities, and detect patterns that emerge across time and space.

Creating an accurate picture requires employees with skillsets in big data, machine learning, cloud, and a number of programming languages. GA-CCRi also uses tools Kafka, Geomesa, Jupyter, PyTorch, Azure, AWS, and many others in order to apply all the different techniques to the data sets to get the answers they need. With the explosion of data over the last 30 years, customers require a thoughtful analysis and application, and that requires a highly skilled team, able to use the latest software to meet customer needs. An agile process allows GA-CCRi to respond to feedback and meet customer expectations.

Getting Candidates Connected

From software engineers to data scientists to machine learning engineers, GA_CCRi has many opportunities available – both in Northern Virginia area, as well as, in Charlottesville, VA. Hamblet encourages candidates to find the best position for their skills and interests, and submit to only one or two open positions. The benefit of applying to a smaller organization is that the community is small enough that when a candidate doesn’t fit in one position, leadership has their eyes on multiple openings that might be a better fit. GA-CCRi looks for candidates who are curious and passionate about learning. It’s also important to understand the connection between developing technology and supporting the goals of national security. So, if you want to develop and deploy novel machine-learning approaches to real problems at massive scale, join the work at GA-CCRi, where they have been been stopping bombs, predicting piracy, and guiding disaster relief since 1992.


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