For some, confusion seems to be the name of the game in navigating the COVID-19 vaccine requirements. It may seem like you can jump ship to other contractors, based on your vaccine choices, but on September 9, the White House mandate tightened up the options for both the federal workforce and contractors. While  it took time for the initial words from the President to move into action, by September 30, the Safer Federal Workforce Task Force had pushed its guidance through OMB, with the Federal Acquisition Regulatory (FAR) Council issuing the Deviation Clause 52.223-99. With the codification of the Deviation Clause, the DoD and other agencies were able to start publishing their own deviation clauses and issuing contract modifications. Bottom line? If your organization is performing work in support of a federal contract, then the Clause applies, with company size less of a factor as originally implied in the initial mandate.

On-site work is obviously under different timelines, with access to a federal building requiring a confirmed vaccination status or testing prior to entry. But the timeline for everyone on-site to be fully vaccinated is ticking down for federal employees, military members, and federal contractors. Federal employees have until November 22 to be fully vaccinated. As for federal contractors, after December 8, covered contractors under the Deviation Clause will need to be fully vaccinated by the first day of the period of performance of either a new contract, exercised option, or renewed/modified contract. The key for contractors is that compliance is more of a timing issue, as opposed to which federal contractor you choose to support. And as for the military, each service is also looking at the November and December timeframe for full vaccination status, with National Guard giving the most time for its members to implement the mandate.

Layoffs Impacting the Cleared Industry

NTT Communications

5G solution company, NTT Communications, cites a global transformation as the driver behind layoffs for 151 employees in North Carolina. The layoffs will begin December 6.

The company shared the following statement with Channel Futures:

“NTT is undergoing the next phase of our global transformation that will improve client centricity, employee experience and operational efficiency. Additionally, this will allow NTT to continue to invest in new innovations across our IT services and infrastructure, networks, cloud and edge, all growth opportunities for the company, such as our recently rolled out private 5G network-as-a-service capability and data center builds throughout the world.”

Hiring impacting the Cleared Industry

W International Located in Goose Creek, SC, W International is an advanced metal fabricator that handles major welding projects for nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers. With recent awards, they are looking to hire 200 employees in the next six months.

“We primarily support US Navy and Navy shipbuilding,” said Matt Hines, Chief Business Officer for W International.

W International grew their footprint in South Carolina since 2018, starting with zero employees. They now have 330 employees.

“Based on some recent awards we’ve received, we have to add 150 welders and 200 total employees between now and June 2022,” said Hines.

W International offers paid training opportunities, and the ability to support national security.

One employee, Demar Wigfall talked about how he views working on military aircraft carriers and submarines, “I think that’s the most exciting part. Knowing that these guys go out there and fight for our country and risk their lives and we’ve got a part in protecting them and making sure they’re fully equipped to do that. That right there makes me feel very important.”

Cleared Employer at Work: KPMG

People who thrive at KPMG Federal Advisory are individuals who push their colleagues outside their comfort zones and drive others to success. Ready to push yourself to new limits? Find your next career at KPMG.

Opportunity to Watch

Guidehouse recently announced the completion of its acquisition of Dovel Technologies. Dovel adds market leading domain expertise in Health, Human Services, and Public Safety with cutting-edge technologies in advanced data analytics and artificial intelligence, enterprise digital modernization and system integration, and cloud adoption and infrastructure optimization to complement Guidehouse’s service offerings, particularly in the Health, National Security, and Energy, Sustainability & Infrastructure sectors. The acquisition creates a powerful, technology-driven organization characterized by deep industry experience and distinguished technical capabilities.

With this acquisition, Guidehouse adds an employee base of more than 1,900 individuals to pursue the opportunities ahead as part of a combined enterprise that is expected to generate over $2 billion in annual revenue.

“With the Dovel acquisition now complete, we are thrilled to join forces and welcome our new colleagues to Guidehouse as we combine our technology-first business models and share our strengthened capabilities,” said Scott McIntyre, Chief Executive Officer of Guidehouse. “Together, we will empower clients through innovative technology and differentiated solutions to help them overcome their most complex challenges.”

“Through this integration, we are able to offer a breadth of new capabilities and solutions as well as leverage best-in-class technologies to expand service offerings and support missions that improve, protect, and save lives,” said Damon Griggs, Dovel CEO. “Guidehouse has a strong focus on culture and values, affording our employees a welcoming and collaborative environment with expanded growth opportunities as we build our future together.”

“The acquisition of Dovel is a strategic step for Guidehouse as it continues on its growth trajectory,” said Ramzi Musallam, CEO and Managing Partner of Veritas Capital. “We look forward to this leading-edge, combined enterprise delivering transformational solutions supporting agency missions to improve public health, strengthen research and IT capabilities, and optimize operational outcomes.”


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Jillian Hamilton has worked in a variety of Program Management roles for multiple Federal Government contractors. She has helped manage projects in training and IT. She received her Bachelors degree in Business with an emphasis in Marketing from Penn State University and her MBA from the University of Phoenix.