It’s no surprise that government service is a frequent path for many veterans. The ability to continue to serve and work on a high-impact mission is one of the key goals for many veterans as they begin their job search. When it comes to careers that pair mission with the critical goal of protecting government interests, the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency is a growing career path for veterans. Much like working in the military, the missions at CISA are often behind the scenes, but without the work done at CISA, the U.S. and its allies wouldn’t be safe.

“You get a different form of experience working on the military side,” said Vincent Sritapan, section chief, services innovation, cyber quality service management office, CISA. “The leadership you get, on the military and the civilian side to make a positive difference defending our nation, protecting our critical infrastructure from cyber attacks, both foreign and domestic, is really key.”

Sritapan said the ability to continue serving was important to him, along with CISA’s commitment to supporting his Reserve career.

“I definitely feel that overall, serving our country through CISA is rewarding; it’s impactful,” said Sritapan.

Unlike some career tracks where the work may be focused on the bottom line or keeping a manager happy, at CISA, team members see themselves as a part of a much bigger goal, with a more valuable mission.

“I go home and I’m like, did I make a difference today, and what did I do to help? It’s not just me, it’s a whole team,” said Alethea Duhon, National Risk Management Center associate director, who came to CISA as a foreign national and now sees her job as a way to serve the country she now calls home. “This is my little contribution to helping make this world a better place or even securer for my kids moving forward.”

At CISA, defend today, secure tomorrow isn’t just a tagline – it’s at the core of what they do.

“That ability to have a positive impact and make a difference is why I’ve chosen CISA. The fact that I can balance my Navy Reserve career, but also serve the country in a non-uniform fashion is really a great opportunity,” said Sritapan.


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