What’s next? We have no idea. But all we can do in a world experiencing a pandemic in an industry that is competitive and cutthroat is look at where we’ve been and recognize our lessons learned.

Here are our top tips and tricks in the cleared recruiting world from this year to help launch you into the next one of unknowns.

  1. The Importance of our Military: Veteran Reskilling is Key to Building Cleared Workforce
  2. The Importance of Cleared Recruiting Stats: Time to Hire, Cost to Hire, and Other Top Recruiting Questions

  3. The Importance of Partnerships with Schools: Virginia Tech Just Became a Candidate Source with their National Security Institute

  4. What Motivates a Candidate These Days? Disclosing the Salary and Amount of Remote Work Gets More Clicks on Job Openings
  5. The Ball in the Candidate’s Court: Warning: Your Candidate Experience May Not Be Great
  6. The Importance of Knowledge: Top Phrases Technical Recruiters Should Avoid Saying
  7. Having Trouble Filling Billets? Recruiting Tricks for New or Small Defense Contractors

  8. Using Tools to Your Advantage: 5 Amazing Recruiting Software Products Your Staffing Team Needs
  9. The Importance of Choosing your Communication Channel: Meeting your Candidate Needs in the Hiring Lifecycle
  10. How to Ensure Your Recruitment Practices Are Compliant with the Office of Federal Contract Compliance Programs (OFCCP)

  11. How to Attract Cleared Talent When You Don’t Have Remote Work Opportunities

  12. How to Talk Candidates into Relocating to Slower-Paced Cleared Hubs

Each month of 2021 brought on new challenges, new hurdles, and new policy updates for cleared recruiters to deal with and adapt to. Whether it was competing with other contractors that were able to offer remote work, or learning about metrics that can help them step up their recruitment game, year after year, we see that cleared recruiters are one of the most resilient and necessary pieces to the national security puzzle.


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