Are you getting out of the military soon? Or perhaps you are looking for a new company or a job within the defense or aerospace industry? Either way, it would be great to have knowledge of what companies are considered the best defense contract and aerospace organizations. Would you not want to work for one of the most stable or one of the biggest organizations in the industry?

Top 5 Aerospace and Defense Companies

A new 2022 report from Research and Markets, the world’s largest research source, discusses the top five aerospace and defense companies. The report, titled “America’s Top 5 Aerospace & Defense Companies – 2022 – Strategic Factor Analysis Summary (SFAS), discusses industry details on Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Boeing, General Dynamics, and Raytheon Technologies. It analyzes and assesses each companies’ strategic positioning with respect to how favorably each is situated against prevailing markets and how responsive it is to change taking place within the environment.

Benefits of Working for Top Companies in the Industry

When you land a job with one of these five great defense contractors and do a great job, you’re going to have longevity. These companies have been performing work for United States for years, and they will continue to do so. We also know these companies perform billions of dollars of work for United States within the defense department, and if you’re coming from the military, you already have knowledge about pieces of the defense industry. Regardless of your role within the organization, you will have the ability to move up and around within one of these large organization, perhaps with greater flexibility than working with a small business.

Other Company Reviews

But what do other organizations say? Military Friendly® is considered the standard for measuring an organization’s commitment, effort, and success in creating “sustainable and meaningful benefits for the military community.” Every year, 1,500 organizations compete for Military Friendly® designation. The results are a list of the top 100 military friendly companies to consider working for. This list is available to you at Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, and Raytheon Technologies all made 2022 Military Friendly Employers. Boeing and Lockheed Martin have made the list in past years.

Similarly, Fortune puts out their “100 Best Companies to Work For” list each year about this time. This list compares such factors like college reimbursement, health care, job sharing, non-discrimination policies, and other work life balance factors. Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, and Raytheon Technologies have made this list in past years. Interestingly, all five companies have made the Fortune Magazine list of the “World’s Most Admired Companies”.

Key Takeaway in Your Job Search

What is the takeaway? If you are looking for a new job and you are considering defense or aerospace contractors and your able to move towards one of these great companies, know that they are well respected, and their qualities and reviews show up on many lists in many locations for your analysis. Be informed on the company’s latest news and trends when you go in for your interview. You will appear well informed, and you will personally understand how the company is perceived as compared to others in the defense and aerospace industry.

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