Not all high-rise apartments are the same. And the owners and investors of The Millennium, a 19-story apartment building that is near Amazon’s HQ2, promise a cool building. Which is fitting, since if Amazon’s new building gets a forest plaza and a waterfall, living next door should also be an experience. Whether it’s cloud computing, Alexa, or Fresh grocery chains, Amazon’s products and services are varied, offering a variety of job opportunities. And of course, with all of the movement in the D.C. area, housing has had its own challenges.

Can Amazon Bring Back the High-Rise?

Traditionally, December is not your typical housing month – even in a city; however, all that has changed in recent years. While houses have only sat on the market for only a few days (unless they have what my realtor calls a fun factor), one-bedroom condos have only just begun to recover after 2020. Many discovered that quarantining is not as fun in a studio or one-bedroom condo. But with the acquisition of the 12-year old apartment next door to Amazon HQ2, UIP Companies, Churchill Living, and investors promise a multimillion makeover that will keep up with the neighbors.

“We are going to make these apartments the coolest and most desirable homes on the park.” Said Steve Schwat, UIP founding principal. “Features will include awesome kitchens, spa-like bathrooms with Bluetooth-enabled lighted medicine cabinets … high-end customizable closets, electric roller blinds and more.”

Sounds like it takes rooftop swimming pools and club rooms at the surrounding apartments in the area to the next level. UIP and Churchill promise big plans for The Millennium with high-tech and high-end features, lobby and office space for retail, and plans for an upscale restaurant. Amazon has also planned to spend $14 million on the outdoor park, as well as, bring in retailers to their first floors. Churchill plans to use up to 150 of the apartments for their government and private-sector clients.

2023 Will Bring Changes to Arlington

While 2022 isn’t the year for the vision to be the reality, Amazon’s plans are well underway, and slated for completion in 2023. HQ2, named PenPlace will include 4.9 million square feet, pending county approvals. And of course, on everyone’s minds is the spiral structure for one of the 22-story buildings, called The Helix. So far, Amazon has hired 3,500 employees for the area, and they are committed to bringing 25,000 jobs to Arlington.

“We have announced a more flexible policy for employees working in the office but we view real estate as a long-term investment and we think there’s a place for employees to come into the office collaborate and share ideas,” Amazon Vice President of Public Policy Brian Huseman said.

Between this expansion and another metro stop in the Potomac Yard region, the sections of Arlington formally known as Pentagon City and Crystal City are about to go through even more changes. Perhaps the Crystal City underground will also get an upgrade in the coming years.

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