When you’re nearing the end of the month or the quarter, you can feel like a failure when you think about the contracts you are staffing. You haven’t met your quota on customer submittals and your hiring managers want to see more progress. What you need is a recruiting power hour to shake things up. Get the entire team involved to inject energy into your recruitment workflows and show management you are hitting the ground running to generate more candidate leads.

Bring on the Recruiting Power Hour

Something you can do with the entire staffing team is to organize a Recruiting Power Hour…this is different from the one you would play pre-gaming in college 🍻 This activity (sometimes also called recruiting sprints) requires all recruiters to be focused on cold calling your candidate leads specific to a program.

Arranging a power hour is an opportunity that will help your team close more billets (or at least generate a candidate to submit to the customer).

What You Need for your Next Power Hour

Here are a few boxes to check while coordinating your next power hour:

  1. Motivate the team with a prize or other incentive: Introduce a reward, whether it’s something tangible, like a gift card, or an additional day of PTO in the next quarter. The recruiter to accumulate the most interested candidates or confirmed submittals for a position the end of the hour wins.
  2. Include some grub: Bringing the team together once a month should include snacks or wine – this will likely make it a scheduled event and encourage recruiters to participate.
  3. Make it a weekly or monthly event: While recruiters like to work alone, making it reoccurring will help with team bonding, and could discourage poaching or toxic personalities if that’s an issue.
  4. Recruiting managers must participate – Managers need to take part. There shoudn’t be leaders who ‘tell’ recruiters to recruit, recruit, recruit and doesn’t hit the ground running with an actual ‘sell’ to candidates. Get your butt on the cleared candidate search engines and dialing on the phone.
  5. Have fun! Make it competitive, set up a score board, etc: Once the hour is complete, take another moment and huddle with the team. Let each person mention their goal, if they hit it, highlight funny stories and use this huddle to frame what your recruiting priorities should be for the next week.

This type of event is great for morale, brings the team together, and allows them to break up the week of working alone from home or in the office.

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