ClearanceJobs recently sat down with Jill Singer, Vice President of Defense and National Security at AT&T, and Chris Smith, Vice President of Civilian and Shared Services at AT&T. We discussed how AT&T has supported the American government for more than 100 years, and how their employees continue to play a vital role in national security.

Some of the ways AT&T is focused on innovating the national security space include modernizing information technology infrastructure in the intelligence community, IT-managed information services, and cybersecurity among other things. They’ve worked with agencies to transform their global network through auto bandwidth management, modernize voice, and internal 911 services. And they’ve shifted information sharing and collaboration to the cloud. AT&T continues to advance mobility technologies to meet a variety of mission needs across the national security space.

A rich legacy of working with the government

AT&T has a rich history of working with the United States government and has supported national security for a century – even before the first U.S. intelligence agency existed. They invented the telegraph, the telephone, and even the transistor was made in AT&T labs. “In the 1900s and during WWII, people walked right out of AT&T labs and into government facilities to help win wars around the world,” says Smith.

Some of the most interesting projects AT&T is working on right now include the expansion of 5G across the country and the possibilities that brings for smart cities and smart campuses. This expansion will give extreme speed and capacity to take on any project. And with the incredible amount of data available, machine learning will help artificial intelligence make better, quicker decisions and give improved outcomes.

Why cleared candidates should consider working for AT&T

A technology company at its core, AT&T is always innovating and pushing the envelope with exciting work and unique missions. Employees can do work that matters for customers who matter. When asked what makes AT&T a great place to work, Singer said, “We offer great jobs, opportunity for growth, education, and a community of colleagues who share a passion for national security.”

AT&T is an extraordinarily innovative company doing work that leads to the betterment of our society. Almost all services that keep our country running rely on technology and communications, making jobs in those sectors incredibly important.

Lifelong learning and an opportunity for growth

Part of what makes a good work environment is also the opportunity for growth. AT&T supports its employees to become lifelong learners and invites them to learn new skills in a challenging and fun environment. Aside from providing typical tuition reimbursement, they offer employees the chance to earn degrees with world class universities and the chance to earn “nano degrees” with advanced certification in a suite of areas such as technology, science, math, engineering, and others. For newer recruits, AT&T offers paid internships to university students, giving them the chance to explore different areas of the company while earning a paycheck.

The unique culture and history of AT&T and its dedication to communications security, combined with its willingness to constantly shape personnel management methods, make AT&T an excellent fit for cleared employees.

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